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          Automobile valve maintenance strategy

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          Early summer, the temperature difference is bigger, change for the car, go through the rise of temperature of oil steam and so on all aspects of change, ahead of auto inspection and maintenance, can better prevent vehicles out of the situation, so busy also want to check again.
          Coming out of the four necessary test items include:
          A, free cleaning valve carbon deposition, the nozzle and replace spark plugs
          Valve back to form carbon deposit direct consequences are bad engine speed, idle instability, sometimes accompanied by intake manifold shooting, cold start-up difficulties such as a series of problems.
          Carbon deposit usually adopt the method of free disassembly cleaning cleaning, if carbon deposit is serious, can adopt the method of jie clean cylinder head valve. Pit through analysis: from carbon deposit formed to offer to the normal operation engine is a gradual process. Appear when the engine is cool car starting difficulty, idle instability, explain carbon deposit has been quite serious, can cause a fire break cylinder, further until cannot be started.

            Jie clean cylinder head valve, high maintenance cost method, in order to avoid the jie cylinder head damage, suggest the owner found cool car start trouble, immediately to pit for inspection, after rule out other factors should be timely cleaning valve carbon deposit.
          Do some free disassembly cleaning valve carbon deposition, the nozzle and replace spark plug, when check the oil and clean/nozzle and spark plug most people will remember, but for the cleaning of carbon deposition will miss sometimes. In the current oil prices so high, clean the valve carbon deposition can significantly reduce fuel consumption, it is necessary.
          2, check the air conditioning and cleaning the air filter
          Air conditioning is like a person's body, no maintenance, no exercise, some small problems don't go to see a doctor, the body naturally worse and worse. Air conditioning is used long, will naturally dirty, dirty cleaning and maintenance. Maintain good, not only to eliminate the air pollution hazards, clean air, also can let air conditioning performance bright as new, save electricity saving energy, prolong service life.
          Shelter evil people and practices "the winter, the spring bacterial growth", in fact, the air conditioning is very vulnerable to pollution. To clean the room, change clothes, personnel ambulate, pollen, cigarette smoke, suspended solids, talk, cough, sneeze, etc., can make the home air conditioning make biological pollution. Because do not often clean, air conditioning filter deposited a large amount of dust, breeding of bacteria lodged in into the outlet, filter, air conditioning pipe, evaporator, condenser, etc. If you don't keep clear of in time, after open air conditioning, these bacteria will along with the air conditioning send air drifting into the bedroom, leading to illness.
          Check the air conditioning, clean air filter, with an air conditioning in winter, there will be a lot of dust and bacteria deposition on the filter or evaporation box, if not washed, not only use will affect the cold wind cold degrees in the summer, reduce air volume, at the same time, harmful dust and bacteria may do harm to health.
          Third, check the brake oil and brake pads
          To ensure safety, we must maintain the brake system, the braking system maintenance, in the end is the brake pads and brake oil, because the car's braking power as they account for more than half. So, how should we treat decides the braking effect of the two key - brake pads and brake oil?
          1, the brake pads
          No matter any brake system eventually by the brake pads (disc) or the brake shoe (drum) complete braking effect, so to check the thickness of the brake pad or brake shoe. When found its thickness is close to or less than the smallest thickness required by manufacturer, should be replaced immediately. Check brake pads at the same time, also check the brake disc and brake drum wear, such as contact surface dent, disc or drum light in time, to ensure that the contact area with the brake pads, brake force.
          2, brake oil, check
          Check the brakes before, carefully wipe the dirt on the main oil cylinder, so as to avoid any dirt falling into the storage tanks. To remove fasteners (usually pin) and the lid. For there is no scale oil cylinder, should maintain liquid level is apart from the oil cylinder top 6 mm, if you have graduated, just keep liquid level than the calibration work.
          Check the brake oil and brake pads, brake system for car safety is extremely important, want to check the oil level of the brake oil pot, oil level below the lower limit, to make up to the ceiling. In addition, due to hygroscopicity strong, brake oil itself in use after a period of time, brake oil will due to absorbed too much moisture in the air around the boiling point of the brake fluid, brake oil in boils it cause of fault, or failure of the brake, holding in death as a result, brake oil must be replaced periodically. Different brand of brake oil blend, is likely to react or corrosion of the brake system, when changing the same brand of brake oil must be replaced. Brake pads is more easy to wear and tear parts of brake system, need to check the wear degree, if wear more than manufacturers requirements limit, must be replaced.
          Fourth, the wheel dynamic balancing and tire pressure
          Wheel dynamic balancing and tire pressure, normal every ten thousand km is to balance the detection of the car, so twenty thousand km when the test is necessary, especially in mountain road, detours, snow and ice road surface condition is more complex, this item must not be ignored. Remind the owner, going to the summer, high temperature and rainy weather will soon be multiplied, to do car maintenance must look at the pattern of the tire and tire pressure, the best filling nitrogen, so as not to tire pressure at the temperature change is big also produced bigger change.
          How everyday for car tyre?
          1, for a period of time after the car stopped to wait for tire cooling after aerated. This is because when the vehicle tire temperature will rise, impact pressure.
          (15) summer vehicle owners maintain a maintenance of 4 big projects
          2, the check valve. Valve and valve inside if cooperate with uneven, with protruding sunken phenomenon and other defects, is not easy to air quantity and air pressure.
          3, inflatable should pay attention to clean. Filling the air not contain oil or water, in case of inner rubber metamorphic damage.
          4, inflatable should not exceed the standard too much, nor too much due to long-term business trips not inflatable inflatable. Because of the excessive cord stretching, too much too much that will lead to cause its strength is reduced, affect the service life of tires.
          5, inflatable operation carefully. Pneumatic valve mouth should be dirt rub-up, before don't loose valve core. Inflatable after the completion of application expanded on the valve mouth, check leakage, if the gas leak can produce continuous small bubbles. And then will tighten valve cap, prevent sediment into the valve inside the mouth.
          How to use tire can save?
          1, select the size and specifications conform to design vehicle tire. Try not to, conditional word can choose a few fuel-efficient tyres.
          2, regularly check the tire pressure, it is suggested that the owner friends at least once a month to check.
          3, let your car keeps wheel positioning correct and accurate dynamic balancing, ensures lower fuel consumption rate.
          4, conditional owners, can the car into the nitrogen tire inflator (including spare tire).


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