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        2. Today is 2022-7-1, Welcome to the web ANHUI WODE VALVE MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD Website: www.tongrennew.com

          Company introduction

          Wode  Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Anhui Province is the large-scale valve manufacturing companies. Specialized in producing automobile, motorcycle, shipment,gasoline engine, diesel engine series intake&exhaust  valve,, the annual production capacity of 18 million.Our products are exported to world famous  auto-parts company and other companies in Europe , South American ,North American and  Middle East. In China market, we produce OEM products for  Lifan, Longxin, Zongshen, Runtong, Dajiang, etc. The  label HB which we owned  got  the title of Anhui Famous Brand many times ,and the title of  Wuhu famous brand ,and our company also got the title of high-tech enterprise .

          I have strong technical force, employed a number of senior technical experts in the domestic valve industry and domestic universities and established a technology partnership, enabling the product developed by leaps and bounds starting point taken in the course of the development model used in the product manufacturing process such as the Top \ Tip head fusion welding , "U"head quenching , plasma build up welding,case empty full with Na  , bi-metal friction welding, Japan, Koyo-200 CNC mill rod plane, QpQ salt-bath soft nitriding furnace, rapid surface chrome-plated technology, duplex automatic electric upsetting machines and computers program-controlled processing systems,
          And has Bu, Luo, Victoria hardness tester, three-dimensional image measuring instrument, figure  measuring instrument , tensile force experiment instrument ,  roughness instrument, metallographic microscope, roundness instrument, valve leakage test machine and so on simulated test equipment. So as to ensure the products meet the high-precision, high-quality.
          The company follows the philosophy: the technology as the core, market-oriented management as fundamental to customer satisfaction as the goal.


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